EarthenHive Architects®

The Name "Earthen": represents the care for ecology and "Hive" reflects the creativity and hard work involved in the construction of a 'Bee hive' where the time and concept are at its perfection achieving the result 'Honey'. Thus the name "EarthenHive Architects" is seeded with the caption...

"Creative Gene... Designing Green"

Our Vision

The articulated team of Architects and Engineers firmed up to stride with the concept of Eco friendly Architecture in the rapidly developing universe. Our challenge rather passion of creating such landmark Architecture within the given stipulated time and economy.

Our Mission

Creating space that breaths through the lush Green nature with gentle breeze and energizing daylight, also most cost effective eco-friendly buildings which illustrates luxury in nature but creative in its Architecture.



"GOD created heaven and left the earth for us"

"We see beauty of life in every leaf... so the caressing soul in every tree, hence we create your house among them"...

"Oh! those dancing trees and the singing birds along the inkling water and the whistling woods, the gentle breeze and kindling north light... are nothing but the ballet performed by nature... the habitat of such stature is the underlying concept of our Architecture"


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